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New Album - Swim or Sink

Available Everywhere Now!

Highly Anticipated Release

8 Epic New Tracks

Bonus Material

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Chapter One

Music Video from our NEW album “Swim or Sink”

Losin My Mind (LIVE)

Music Video from our award winning performance in Hollywood.

Treehouse Updates…

Ready…Set…GO!….sizzling music…new videos…great stuff.

What others say about us

Nicki Escudero

“One of the Valley’s top musical acts”

Nicki Escudero - Phoenix New Times
Kevin Stratton

Translating Fat Tree’s engaging live performances to something you can put in your pocket has been a welcome challenge. The ongoing journey of these super talented guys is producing an award winning, exciting, fun loving group with a deeper side through powerful songwriting.

Loni Bakeman

“We first experienced Fat Tree in January at Big Fish. WOW! I was pleasantly surprised to see something different, AND awesome! The energy these guys have on stage is amazing. I’ve never seen a piano player move around that much! Fat Tree is DEFINITELY on our “Ones To Watch” list.”

Loni Bakeman- THE BEAT Magazine
Al Bowman

These guys really command the stage…well deserving of “Music Group of the Year”

Al Bowman- 22nd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards

“These guys are a group people should keep their eye on!”

Shona - AZ Music Connect